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Over 100 years ago, Weston Price, DDS, began to demonstrate the correlation between infected teeth and systemic disease. In his meticulous research he showed that most, if not all, root canal-treated teeth were infected, highly toxic, and linked to heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and a host of neurological disorders. Since that time the dental industry has tried to discredit Price’s work in an effort to “prove” the safety and efficacy of the root canal procedure.

In 2002, authors Kulacz and Levy dared to echo and turn up the volume on the warnings of Price and others about the risks of this dental therapy. Because Robert Kulacz, DDS, was so vocal about the health risks of root canal-treated teeth, he was targeted by the New York State Dental Board who attempted to revoke his dental license. (See the Preface for details).

Now Kulacz and Levy double down on the powerful indictments brought in The Roots of Disease with an exposé that leaves no wiggle room for the root canal procedure or the dental/endodontic industry. They masterfully show the impossibility of sterilizing and/or sealing a root canal-treated tooth. The authors document the massive failure rate of the procedure with research from the industry’s own journals. In addition, nearly 100 citations from current medical literature establish the links between root canal-treated teeth and the same systemic diseases that Weston Price reported a century earlier.

Although written for the layman, there’s more than enough science in The Toxic Tooth to counter any protest from the dental community. If you or a loved one have undergone or are considering root canal treatment, this book is a must-read. It leaves no reasonable doubt that root canal treatment can negatively impact your health. Perhaps most importantly, The Toxic Tooth will show you how to “save your smile” without endangering your long-term health!

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  1. Dr.s Kulacz and Levy’s book, The Roots of Disease, was one of the best health-related books I’ve ever read and I’m happy to say The Toxic Tooth is even better. I say a deep thanks to both of these men for such meticulous research and courage in the face of tremendous opposition by the dental industry. Dr. Kulacz, in particular, describes, in the Preface of The Toxic Tooth, the nightmare he was put through after the publication of The Roots of Disease.

    I lost my health, decades ago, to CFS, then MS, because of the truth about common dental procedures suppressed by the ADA and its cohorts. Then I found a “Huggins Elite” dentist through the Huggins Applied Healing website and got a Total Dental Revision. This removed a root canal, cleaned out my wisdom tooth cavitations, and gave me biocompatible fillings (I’d had the mercury amalgams removed without safeguards previously).

    My energy and stamina are much better, as are my mood swings and gut inflammation, and my heart no longer palpitates and thuds alarmingly. Two of my cavitations were biopsied and revealed 15 different bacteria, some that cause endocarditis. Detoxing from mercury amalgams is ongoing.

    I just heard from a physician who had 3 root canals on the same tooth before he decided to have the root canal removed after 20 years. The dental surgeon found a pus-filled cyst at the tip of the root that spread infection through the lower jaw. This doctor said he feels much better now and will never again recommend that anyone get a root canal.

    To re-formulate a cliche, I now think of the crown of a root-canaled tooth as just “the tip of the iceberg” that could capsize anyone.

    Bless you, Bob Kulacz and Tom Levy (and Hal Huggins, R.I.P.)

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