About the Authors

Robert Kulacz, DDS 

Dr. Kulacz received his dental degree from New York University College of Dentisty, and he received post-graduate training in implant surgery and implant restoration sponsored by Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn N.Y.

He abandoned much of his traditional dental practice after learning of the risks of some of the dental procedures he was performing. Subsequently, he only performed oral surgery. He has not actively practiced dentistry since 2006.

His first book, The Roots of Disease, with co-author Dr. Tom Levy was published in 2002. It introduced many of the concepts that The Toxic Tooth now greatly expands upon. It was Dr. Levy who suggested that The Roots of Disease be revised and updated. Reluctant at first, Dr. Kulacz finally agreed. However, soon after starting the revision, Drs. Kulacz and Levy quickly realized that the abundant new and compelling research published since 2002 warranted a complete new book: The Toxic Tooth.


Email: rkulacz@yahoo.com


Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

Dr. Levy is a board-certified cardiologist and a bar-certified attorney. The Toxic Tooth marks his tenth health-related book. Since discontinuing the practice of traditional cardiology 20 years ago, he has focused on the importance of minimizing toxins in the body, especially those originating in the mouth, while optimizing the antioxidant capacity in the body, most prominently that of vitamin C. He lectures around the world now on a regular basis on these topics. Currently, he is involved in ongoing research efforts to validate the importance of increased oxidative stress in the genesis and worsening of all chronic degenerative diseases, along with continuing efforts to develop disease treatment protocols based on these concepts.


Email: televymd@yahoo.com

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